Welcome to Rustic Carolina Cottage!  I’m Karen, the designer behind the blog.  I grew up amid the cornfields of northern Indiana. I met my husband, Alan, when I was 16 in Rhode Island (and that’s another story…).  I moved to Southern California, where he is from, when I was 18.  While in California we got married, started our family and I studied interior design.  We bought our first little house in California.  It was a true 1940’s “fixer upper.”  I think I cried for a solid week after moving in.  This is when quickly I learned that my husband can do any project that I throw his way.  It was a true hands on experience for both of us.  We learned a lot of things in that little house, but mostly we learned that we make a good team.  I design and he executes!  After having our 3 boys, we decided that we needed a bigger house and, more importantly, a bigger backyard!  So just after we put the last coat of paint on our newly renovated little house, we put a “for sale” sign in the front yard.  A few months later we found ourselves across the country in North Carolina (also another story…).  We have lived in North Carolina for 12 years now and, honestly, I feel like I was born to live here.  I love everything about the south from the “Hey y’all!” to the sweet tea.  It just drips with charm and grace.  Since living here we completed our family with our sweet Carolina girl.

Of course, we bought another fixer upper in North Carolina, an old brick ranch with giant live oak trees that canopy over it.  We also traded our postage stamp backyard for a few acres.  In this blog I will be sharing how we are fixing up our own home with completed projects, new projects, DIY tips and tricks, and ideas on how to style your own home.  As an interior designer, I have an appreciation for all design styles from minimalist modern to transitional to farmhouse chic.  Our home has rustic refined feel to it, which is a blend of mine and my husband’s style.  My husband is a talented landscape contractor, so I will also be sharing some of his work and ideas for your landscape needs as well.   I will also share some of our adventures that are an inspiration to me along the way.

My hope is to help you create a home that you love to live in.  Beautiful, functional spaces lift spirits, create a relaxed environment, and increase productivity.  I want to help you create that beautiful space without breaking the bank.  I hope you will follow me in this journey.  Be sure to enter your email address to get blog updates.

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