What kind of mood is your home in?

Did you know that your home has a mood?  It does!  It’s that vibe you get when you first walk in the door.  How would you describe your home’s mood?  Casual…cozy…comfortable…open…airy…bright…elegant…sophisticated?

If none of these words come to mind when you walk through your front door, it’s ok.  I just want you to know that your home can feel the way you that want it to.  All it takes is a little vision and planning.  So let me try this again.  How do you WANT to describe your home’s mood?  Here are a few examples of how you can create the mood you want for your home, whether it’s open and airy, elegant, or cozy.

via Scott Salisbury Homes
via Scott Salisbury Homes

The open and airy mood…

The first step to making your home feel open and airy is to open it up!  Sounds pretty straightforward right?  Give height to your ceiling if possible.  If you have high or vaulted to ceiling your off to a great start to achieving the open and airy feel!  Remove those barriers we call walls between  the family, dining, and living spaces. If your remodeling a space this can get a bit tricky (not to mention expensive) because many of the walls could be load bearing. In this case, you will need to bring in an architect or engineer before removing any walls.

Next, let the shine light in!  Install large windows, french doors or sliders.  Connecting the inside to the outside is the best way to make a space feel more open.  Even small rooms will feel open and airy with large windows and glass doors.

Lighten up!  You won’t get that open and airy feeling with dark paint on the walls.  Keep the walls and ceiling light.  White walls are very popular right now because they make a room feel open, airy, and cheerful.  You may not be able to change the structural part of your home but you can change the color.  Give the room fresh coat of white paint.  Paint the walls, paint the ceiling, paint the old built-in oak cabinets, paint the red brick on the fireplace, paint it all!  You will be amazed how open, airy and fresh your new room feels.  Then update your furnishings to light, neutral tones, add natural elements like wood, a woven rug, clear glass vases with fresh flowers and viola!  You’re home has an open and airy mood!

via Rodeo and 5th Homes
via Rodeo and 5th Homes

The elegant and sophisticated mood…

Maybe you prefer a little more detail and grandeur.  Here are a few ideas that add elegance to your home.  First, if you have a 2-story ceiling height with tall windows you already have good bones for creating an elegant and sophisticated space.  But if you don’t that’s ok, you can still create an elegant space.

Vertical lines create a sense of height to a space, so adding floor to ceiling drapery, tall mirrors, and moldings details on the walls draw the eye up and add a sense of grandeur.

Darker paint color on the wall and floor gives a room a more sophisticated feel.  A contrasting light colored molding highlights the details of the space and lightens it up a bit.

Speaking of lightening it up, a chandelier, scaled appropiately, is a great centerpiece for an elegant room.  Tall table lamps are also a nice detail.  Lights that are on a dimmer add to the sophisticated mood to the room, as well.

Symmetry is also important in an elegant space.  The room is often defined by an area rug and furniture is placed around it so that it mirrors each other on either side of the room.  This brings a sense of balance to the room.

Lastly, the details are what makes an elegant room.  From the crown molding to the furniture upholstry, the details matter.  Adding textured pillows to the sofa, glass, or a mirrored coffee and end tables, an ornate area rug, accent chairs, table lamps, a large piece of artwork, tall vases, and a few other accessories can  add a lot of sophistication to your space.  You don’t have to have a big space to get that elegant room of your dreams.  You just have to think big!  It all starts with a plan!

via Daily Dream Decor
via Daily Dream Decor

The cozy and casual mood…

Do you want to drop your day at the front porch and instantly feel relaxed when you walk through the door?  I think most people would love to feel that way.  The good news is that you can have a cozy, casual feel to your home without sacrificing style.  Often, the cozy, casual style is referred to as “rustic” or “farmhouse” design.

If you have a lower ceiling height, this style is perfect for your space.  Horizontal lines create a cozy feel to any room.   Wood beams are a perfect addition to the ceiling, whether standard height or vaulted.  Details like shiplap or rustic barn wood can be added to the walls add a cozy and casual touch.  Keep the walls light with a nice white color throughout the room.

Lighting can be a simple wrought iron pendant fixture, a simple floor lamp, glass table lamps and maybe a few string lights.

When it comes furnishings, again, think organic.  Linen and cotton fabrics, wood with a natural finish, natural woven area rugs, up-cycled furniture, antiques, galvanized metals and wrought iron, glass vases and lamps.  Keep it simple.  Keep patterns and colors light and simple.  Add texture with blankets and pillows. Less is more in a cozy and casual space.

Whatever mood you choose for your home, I hope it puts you in a great mood when you walk through your door.  Have fun designing and enjoy!

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