Simple Fall Decor


Happy Fall y’all!  I’m so glad you took a moment to join me!  Isn’t this just the best time of year?  I just love everything about fall from the crisp cool air, to the brilliant colorful leaves, to the hot pumpkin spice lattes 😉 …there’s so much to love about this season!  I also know fall can be a really busy time of year with kids in school, sports and other extra curricular activities, work, the holidays…well, that’s my life anyway.  So believe me, I get it if you’re saying to yourself “Um…decorating for fall?  That’s the last thing on my to-do list!” I completely understand.  That’s why I put together this super simple fall arrangement that will have your home in the fall spirit in no time!  I put it on my media cabinets next to my fireplace, with the same set-up on each side to keep the look balanced.  However, this can easily be done on a mantel or as centerpiece on your dining table, as well.


You can find all of these items at your local craft store.  I found all of these items at Hobby Lobby.



This season muted color palettes are really popular.  Heirloom pumpkins have a more muted color come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes.  They are the perfect alternative to the standard orange pumpkins.  White pumpkins are also very popular.  When picking out pumpkins choose different shapes and sizes for visual interest.  You can pick different colors or keep it monochromatic.  Three white pumpkins would look great grouped together, as well.  I love these funky shaped faux pumpkins.  You can also use real heirloom pumpkins.   I like these because they can be reused year after year.   You can use more than 3 pumpkins for a larger area such as a mantel or dining table.  Just keep in mind that most items look best grouped in odd numbers.

img_1773                  img_1774

I started with a stem of artificial lambs ear. The sage color coordinates well with the muted color palette and adds a soft velvety texture. I added another artificial stem with a soft blue-green leaf to add a touch of contrast. I cut all of the leaves off of the stems. I mixed the two leafs together and then arranged them, leaf side up, in a semi-circle.  You could also use real greenery for this, as well, but it may not last throughout the season.

img_1777         img_1780

Then I placed the pumpkins in the center, tallest in back, shortest in front.  I gently pushed the leaves around and underneath the pumpkins.


Lastly, I put artificial wheat stalks in simple clear glass vases.  I cut them to fit and twisted the bunch to fan them out.  You could use two bunches of wheat stalks if you prefer a fuller more vertical arrangement.  I put one arrangement on each side of the pumpkins.  You can add more wheat stalks for a fuller bunch.

And that’s it!  I hope this helps you add a touch of fall to your home this year.  And I hope you make time to sit back, sip a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy this beautiful season!

Blessings ~



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