My Rustic Fall Front Porches



Welcome!  We have been having absolutely GORGEOUS fall weather here in the Carolinas the past few weeks!  It just makes me want to do a little front porch rocking and savor the beauty of the season.  Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to sit and rock a while, but I have been spending some time on my front porches, getting them in spirit of fall, which is a close second of me.  I have a two front porches, an upper one and a lower one, so of course, I had to do a little something with both of them!  Here is a little tour of what I did.


I have a lot of steps to our main entryway so I made the stairway my focal point.  I started at the top with the front door.  I hung a large corn husk and wheat wreath on the door.  On each side of front the door I stacked 3 pumpkins, largest to smallest (breaking off the stems on the bottom two) in an urn style planter.  Flatter shaped pumpkins work best for stacking.  I filled the planter with dirt first.  Then I wrapped the bottom pumpkin with corn husks.

Then I lined the steps with medium sized white and purple Mums and pumpkins.  I chose the heirloom pumpkins because I love their character and soft color palette.  Originally, I wanted to put the Mums in galvanized buckets but apparently there is a shortage of galvanized buckets in my neck of the woods because I couldn’t find them anywhere.  Weird, I know!  I could have ordered some but I really didn’t want to wait for them.  I get a little impatient when I start a project.  I want it done today!  So I picked up some galvanized spray paint at the local home improvement store and gave my plastic plant buckets a quick coat of paint and let them dry for about 15 minutes and DONE!  Not bad for $4.00!  Here is a close up of the after.


I picked up some corn husks at the local farmers market.  They were about 12 ft. high so I had to cut them down to about 7 ft. Then I tied them to front posts of the stair railing.   I think the corn husks are my favorite part.  They really make a statement and tie in perfectly with corn husk wreath at top of the stairs.  I placed a large purple Mum in front of each corn husks (again with spray painted buckets).  And I’m done!


Now onto the lower front porch!  This is a smaller porch it didn’t require as much.  Again I hung the large corn husk wreath on the front door.


I put a small Mum in the corner then on other side I had more room so my husband and I created a much larger planter then added a pumpkin and wooden lantern in front of it.

I LOVE the way this rustic planter turned out so I wanted to share with you how we made it.  Stop by tomorrow to learn how to make your own Whisky Barrel Planter!









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