Simple Christmas Wreaths



Happy December!  It’s time to haul out the Holly!  I love fresh natural decor.  So I wanted share with you these simple Christmas wreaths that I made.  I used the trimmings from the Needlepoint Holly and Nandina bushes in our yard.  However, you could also use Boxwood, Juniper, Magnolia or Cyprus leaves.  All of these shrubs and trees are commonly used in landscape.  Most likely, you have at least one of these in your yard too.  Soooo….grab your clippers.  It’s time to trim those shrubs and make a wreath!  This is multi-tasking at it’s finest y’all!


You will need:

  • Trimmings from plant of your choice 
  • Baling wire
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon
  • Christmas music (optional, but strongly advised)



  1. Cut baling wire to desired length. (I cut 46″ of wire to make a 15″ wreath)
  2. Bend baling wire in a circle and twist ends to secure
  3. Center stem on baling wire. Wrap stem and baling wire tightly with floral wire at the base of stem.  Wrap several times to secure.
  4. Layer leaves, moving around the circle and securing.  Repeat process all the way around the circle.
  5. If you have berries that are separate from leaf stems (such as Nandina) place berries on top of leaves, dispersing evenly around circle, and secure tightly with floral wire.
  6. Round out shape ~  Trim off leaves that are sticking out, make sure all pieces are secured tightly, add extra pieces to balance circular shape.  
  7. Cut ribbon to desired length.  Wrap ribbon around top or bottom of wreath.
  8. Hang and enjoy!


The Nandina wreath is a thin, soft, wispy wreath.  It’s perfect to hang in front of interior windows and doors.  I attached this wreath to our french door by stapling the ribbon to the top of the door using a staple gun.  


The Holly wreath is a thick, full wreath. You can hang this wreath anywhere you want to add a pop of holiday color.  It’s also perfect for the front door.

Happy wreath making!

Blessings ~


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