21 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Redesigning Your Space

Bundy: Brentwood Modern Farmhouse transitional-kitchen

Hello!  I hope your 2017 is off to a great start!  It’s hard to believe it’s already here!  I don’t know about you, but I love January.  It a month to reflect, refocus, and renew.  And don’t we just need that sometimes?  I know I do!  It always feels so good to start fresh.  Do have any design goals this year?  Maybe you’re looking to update your living room, a kitchen or bath remodel maybe, or even a complete renovation…how exciting!!  If you have any of these projects on your to-do list this year you need to ask yourself these 21 questions first.  It’s so important to think about the entire space as whole, from beginning to end.  So before you ever swing a sledge hammer or roll a coat of paint on the wall, answer these questions FIRST!  Whether you’re hiring an interior designer or doing it yourself, these questions will help you focus and achieve the end-result you that you’re looking for.

Historic Whole House Renovation - Living Room craftsman-living-room


  1. Why am I redesigning this space? 
  2. What problems do I currently have with this space? 
  3. What do I want this space to be used for?
  4. Will there be a lot of movement and activity in this room? 
  5. Will this room serve one purpose or multi-purpose? 
  6. What do I love and want to keep in this space?
  7. What do I dislike and want to eliminate in this space?
  8. What are the functional problems that need to be addressed?
  9. How can I improve this space? 
  10. Do I need more storage in this space?
  11. What do I want achieve in the final outcome?
  12. What is the existing style? Does it relate to the intended function of the space?

West Town Condo: Master Bedroom Redecoration transitional-living-room


  1. Do I want to change the style to a different era? (ex, mid-century modern, vintage farmhouse, transitional, etc.)
  2. Do I want to compliment or change the existing architectural style (ex. architectural elements, moldings, windows, doors, beams arches, fireplace, etc.) 
  3. Do I want to create new features or focal points? 
  4. Does this space have features that I want to accentuate or hide?
  5. What style of furnishings, window treatments, colors, and accessories do I want in the space?
  6. Do I have any existing furnishings that I want to keep in this space?  If so, how can I best incorporate them into the overall design? 
  7. Will the overall feel of the space be casual and relaxed or elegant and formal?
  8. How can I visually link the space to adjacent rooms? 

Silver Street transitional-bathroom


And last but definitely not least…


  1.  What is my budget and how can I get the most out of it? (ex. What am I willing to spend more on and where can I save money?)


Westmoor Interior farmhouse-living-room


If you find yourself having a hard time answering these questions then you may want to consider hiring an interior designer.  These are questions they will most likely ask you anyway.  They will also help you answer them.  If you’re just looking for help updating your space with new furnishings and paint colors then E-design  is a great option.  It’s less expensive than a traditional interior designer fee and it’s all done online.  I offer an E-design service.  If you’re interested in learning more about this service just let me know in the comment section below and I will be in contact with you.  Anyway you choose to do it, updating your space is always an exciting and rewarding experience!  Happy renovating!  




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