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Daily Archives: January 27, 2017

Create a More FUNctional Home Office


Home Office painted with C2 Paint transitional-home-office

Welcome back!  Thanks so much for stopping in!  I’m so excited because this week we’re going to have fun talking home office!   Yes I know, offices are centered around work, but that doesn’t mean they need to be all work and no play.  Whether you’re managing your business or your household, it’s important to have a space in your home where you can stay organized and get things done.  So let’s talk about how we can create a fun and functional work space.


First things first, where would be the best place for an office in your home?  Maybe you already have a designated room for an office.  This is ideal, however, if you don’t have the luxury having a room set aside for an office you can still find other areas in your home where you can create an office space.  Here are few ideas ~

In the kitchen…

Advanced Renovation Projects traditional-home-office


Under the stairs…

Palma Plaza contemporary-home-office


In the guest room…

Apartment-in-Moscow-4 traditional-home-office


In the mudroom…

Urban Building Group: Charlotte, NC traditional-home-office


Tucked into a nook…

The Guild at Red River contemporary-home-office


Along an open wall…

Church Street Residence transitional-home-office


In an unused closet…

Architecture and Interior Design eclectic-home-office


Anywhere there is room for a desk…

The W Residence contemporary-home-office


Given all of these options, there’s no reason why you can’t make room for a home office.  Now let’s make it happen!



We’ve all heard the phrase “form follows function” and this rule definitely holds true in the office, which is all about function!  First, think about what this space will be used for.  What work will be done here?  Will this be a shared space? What are the basic needs in this space?

Study Room - off Family Room traditional-home-office


SF Shipyard transitional-home-office


  • Desk ~ Desks come in a variety of options, from a large desk with ample storage to a simple wall-mounted solid surface.  First we must determine what size of desk will fit in the given space.  Once that’s done let’s determine what the desk will be used for.  Will it need drawers for storage? File cabinets?  Will it just be used as a work surface or to hold a computer?  Does it need to have a keyboard tray?  If the desk is in the middle of the room, you may want to add a credenza or built-ins behind the desk for extra storage.
  •  Chair ~ You can use any chair for a desk chair really.  This is a piece you can have fun with, but first, make sure the chair is comfortable.  If you’re limited on space you can opt for a stool and tuck it neatly under the desk when not in use, or pull a chair from another area of the room when you’re working at the desk.  Just make sure to allow enough room for movement of the chair behind the desk, 3-4ft. is adequate.
  • Shelving ~ shelving is always a good idea in an office for extra storage.  If you’re desk is along the wall, right above the desk is perfect location.  If the desk is in the middle of the room, then behind the desk is ideal.
  • Power Source ~ Make sure your desk is near a power source to plug in technology.  You may have to add an outlet or two for this one.
  • Lighting ~ Whether it’s overhead lighting or a desk lamp, make sure your space is well lit.



Reichelt Family Office contemporary-home-office


The following items will help you stay organized on task.  Depending on space, you may be limited to the number of organizational items you can add to your office, so pick the ones that will be the most useful.

  • cork board or message board (you can find the DIY burlap message board that I made for my office here)
  • hanging wall pockets
  • white board calendar – I know, most people use have their schedule in their phone, but in your office it’s good to have your schedule posted in front of you for quick reference.
  • baskets, bins, and boxes for storage
  • desk accessories; pen holder, paper trays, clock, charging station, trash can etc.
  • file cabinets
  • extra seating for guests; benches, chairs, stools, sofa, ottoman etc.  (if there is space for it)


Hinsdale Interior eclectic-home-office

You may take your work seriously, but don’t take your office too serious.  This is YOUR space so make it your own.  Have fun with it!

  • Add quotes, family photos, artwork and decor that inspires you.
  • Paint an accent wall with your favorite color or add playful wallpaper.
  • Use creative accent pieces such as chairs and light fixtures and area rugs that you love, but wouldn’t normally incorporate into your home.

Comfortable Cottage Style transitional-family-room


Make this a place that you LOVE in your home.  You will be inspired and in turn you will be SO much more productive.  I promise!!


Office beach-style-home-office



Youthful + Elegant contemporary-home-office

To be efficient it’s important to remove all distractions.  If an item(s) doesn’t help you be more productive or inspire you to be productive it doesn’t belong in your office!  So find a more appropriate place for it.  And, just as we tell our children, put things back where they belong when you’re done 😉  


I hope this inspires you to create a more functional work space that works for you. Have fun with it.  Now let’s get to work!


Philadelphia Penthouse eclectic-home-office